Incontinence Bozeman, MT


No one wants to talk about incontinence but it is more common than you may think. Incontinence occurs when the voluntary control of the bladder or bowel fails, resulting in embarrassing leakage. While incontinence is more prevalent in women, particularly those who have given birth, it is a problem that affects men and women of all ages.

There are many causes of incontinence, including childbirth, weak pelvic floor, age-related changes, menopause, pelvic surgery, hysterectomy, enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, neurological disorders, urinary infections, constipation, or even diet (caffeine and alcohol can irritate the bladder).

For many problems related to incontinence physical therapy can help. Internal and external mobilizations, laser therapy, and other techniques are often used to help patients to control their bladder and get on with their life. For more information, Contact Us Today at Bozeman, MT Center.