Headaches & Neck Pain Relief Bozeman, MT

Headaches & Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain and headaches are often connected. Many people who struggle with chronic headaches will develop additional symptoms, such as nausea, impeded vision, difficulty concentrating, severe fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.

Seeking treatment for just one of these conditions may not resolve the problem. By treating the cranial nerves, soft tissues, lymphatic fluid, muscle imbalances, bony alignment, postural imbalances, and body mechanics, you are more likely to experience long-term improvement.

While neck pain and headaches can be caused by an impeded nerve, herniated disc, or degenerating vertebra, often the cause of pain is far simpler. There are situations in which the cause of your headaches or neck pain may be clear, such as being in a car accident or suffering a sports injury, but in many situations, the cause is not as obvious. Often, serious pain develops from daily habits that you might not even notice, such as poor posture or dietary concerns. Driving long distances or working for many hours at your desk can also put strain on your neck and can lead to chronic pain. One of the most common causes comes from hunching over a computer or gazing down at a phone. These actions cause the neck muscles to take an abnormal load from the weight of the head and subsequently cause muscle strain and vertebral misalignments, which can cause pain and even dysfunction of the spinal nerves.

Your physical therapist will work with you to determine what might have caused your pain and will help you to develop strategies for preventing future strain.

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