Brain Injury Bozeman, MT

Brain Injury

Whether you have experienced a mild blow to the head or a severe trauma, the results of a brain injury can be severely disabling. When the head takes an impact, the brain may shift inside the skull and crash into the inside of the skull itself. The brain – a tissue like any other – may then bleed and swell, which may in turn cause symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, trouble speaking, memory problems, unconsciousness, or even death.

The forces that act upon the skull and brain during an impact in turn act upon the bony and muscular structures in the neck and back, which can cause long-term aches and dysfunction. These forces can also cause irritation and swelling within and around the spinal cord, sometimes causing pain and neurological symptoms in other parts of the body.

It is important to remember that some symptoms of a brain injury may not surface for days, months, or even years after the initial injury. Post-concussion syndrome symptoms may include behavioral and personality changes such as anger, depression, anxiety, irritability, or inability to focus. Patients may also experience chronic headaches, tinnitus, or sleep disorders.

In addition to giving the brain total cognitive rest after a brain injury, it is important to seek help to ensure that the brain and body both heal from the trauma. Physical therapy can aid in the healing process by way of encouraging better function of the craniosacral system and helping to realign and strengthen weakened structures. For more information, Contact Us Today at Bozeman, MT Center.