Turi Hetherington

Turi Hetherington
Turi Hetherington

Wellness Therapist, iRest®, E-RYT500, LPF-CT

After working in both the hospitality and non-profit worlds for decades, Turi shifted gears and immersed herself in the study of mind-body practices. Fascinated by the correlation between the ancient teachings of yoga and those of modern-day psychology and neuroscience, Turi pursued teacher trainings in yoga, mantra, meditation, breath and posture (see full list of certifications below). Having received grants from the state of Montana for several of her trainings, Turi strives to share her knowledge with a variety of demographics.

Turi has taught at local yoga studios and the Ridge Athletic Club as well as the Bozeman Public Library, Concussion Resource Center, Gallatin County Detention Center, LoveYourBrain Foundation, YogaMotion Academy Teacher Trainings, and several veteran organizations.

At Health in Motion, Turi's emphasis is on supporting clients with whole-person wellness. She understands that injuries and illnesses are complex and that the integration of mind and body practices can amplify the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Turi helps individuals shift out of fight-or-flight into rest, digest, repair and heal. She also supports clients with postural alignment and respiratory re-education.

Her training and certifications include: