Why Ice Grippers?

Why Ice Grippers?

It’s that time of year of cold, snowy, and sometimes icy conditions. Are you ever hesitant to go outside out of fear of slipping on the ice? Or missing your daily outdoor walk or run?

I recommend purchasing a pair of ice grippers. Ice grippers are placed on the bottoms of you shoes or winter boots and provide a tremendous amount of traction to prevent slipping on the ice. They also make it easier to walk on hard packed snow.

Ice grippers enhance your comfort and confidence while walking or being active in icy conditions. This prevents your body from tightening up and allows for more optimal and efficient movement with balanced use of your muscles.

There is quite the range of options of various styles of ice grippers. I used Yaktrax for years until I discovered Shoe Boot Tread Grips. I particularly like these for the amount of traction they provide and durability.
Ice grippers can be purchased at most Sports Retail and shoe stores, or online.

A couples sites that offer a variety of options:



Purchasing a pair of ice grippers is a small investment compared to any medical care or pain you might experience from a single fall on the ice. Be safe and still have fun!