6 Ways to Prevent Injuries Cross Country Skiing

6 Ways to Prevent Injuries Cross Country Skiing

Many of you are getting outdoors and enjoying the crisp air of winter. For those of you who enjoy cross country skiing, whether it’s classic or skate skiing, here are some tips to keep your season fun and pain-free:

  1. Engage your lower abdominal muscles by slightly tucking your tailbone under, making sure that as you perform this movement, your neck stays relaxed. Maintain this engagement throughout any movement.
  2. Think about elongating through your spine to the top of your head.
  3. Be mindful of your neck at all times of movement. Notice if there is any tension. If so, relax your neck muscles.
  4. Gently squeeze your shoulder blades down and in, holding this position with use of your arms. It’s important to practice isolating this without tension in your neck or the tops of your shoulders.
  5. Engage your buttock muscles with your kick back.
  6. Keep your hands relaxed through your polling. This will also help to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, encouraging more push using your leg muscles.

I know it can sometimes be a challenge just staying upright on cross country skis. These techniques will help to strengthen your core and be more stable while skiing. The goal is to avoid compensation that can lead to an overuse injury.

It’s amazing how easily we fall into unhealthy habits without realizing it, sometimes creating our own pain. Our physical therapists are trained to catch these faulty movement patterns, and sometimes, just being aware of them can help. We can watch your posture while you’re doing your favorite activity and give you the techniques to use to alleviate those aches that pop up.

If you are experiencing pain that is limiting your “playtime”, contact us. We are here to help!