Low Pressure Fitness (LPF)

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF)

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF)

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is a series of breathing and postural exercises that safely strengthen our deepest core muscles. These are the muscles that create the foundation for upright posture and joint stability. They also help control normal bodily processes and function of the bladder, bowels and sexual health. Oftentimes, these muscles can be affected from an injury, surgery,  pregnancy, illness or sedentary lifestyle.
This whole body routine is administered in a specific sequence with postural cues and a unique breathing pattern called “hypopressives'' which reduces pressure through the abdomen and pelvis. This change in pressure, along with maintaining the postures, are key to the effectiveness of the exercises.
Hypopressive means “low pressure”. It is a broad term used to describe breathing, exercising or moving with reduced pressure on the body. 

We will work with you to help you learn the fundamentals of this practice and integrate it into your wellness routine.

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