Wellness Services Bozeman, MT

Wellness Services

Did you know that your body needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly just like your car does? When was the last time you gave your body a “tune-up?”

Health in Motion Wellness Services provide an affordable option for those who want to be proactive in their healthcare. Why wait for bigger issues to surface that may require surgery or other invasive procedures?

All of our therapies can be obtained during wellness visits including working with our physical therapists to develop a plan of care that can help get your body back on track and keep it functioning at its best. The services listed below are considered preventative or alternative and are offered only on a cash basis because insurances normally will not cover them.

Take control of your wellness and health needs by scheduling a little “you” time today!

Additional Wellness Services

Cold & Near Infrared Laser Therapy: lasers increase micro-circulation and tissue regeneration to speed healing, decrease pain, and increase motion. When combined with Neuromuscular Re-Education, laser therapy can even increase muscle strength.

EB Pro Ion Detoxifying Foot Bath: Assist your body with the natural detoxification process with this relaxing foot bath.

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