Lori Gillet, Physical Therapist

Lori Gillet, PT, DPT

Lori graduated from the University of Evansville and interned at Harlaxton College in Grantham England. She obtained her doctorate in physical therapy in May 2016 and always enjoys continued learning. Her recent focus is on manual therapy techniques that release tension patterns in the nervous system.

Growing up with a father who had over a dozen spine operations and chronic pain, Lori learned about physical therapy at a young age. She spent a great deal of time in hospitals, rehab centers, and pain clinics and experienced how chronic pain affects the entire family.

Fortunately or unfortunately, she rolled her car in her teens and began to have progressively severe daily headaches and neck pain. Since traditional physical therapy and exercise provided only temporary relief and she did not want to live on pain medication, she started her quest. She completed advanced coursework with the Upledger Institute in craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release, myofascial release, laser therapy, and visceral manipulation. She can now say that headaches are a rare occurrence and neck pain pops up only a couple times per year depending on activities.

She lives an active life with her husband and 3 girls who adore Montana, music, and the outdoors.