Our Practice

Health in Motion Physical Therapy + Wellness is different from most other physical therapy offices: our therapists look at and treat the full body, not just the area of the body that is in pain. We instruct in posture and body mechanics to treat what might be causing the discomfort to other parts of your body, therefore speeding up your recovery and getting you back to your life.

Our therapists specialize in a wide variety of integrative treatments which work in combination to tackle aches and pains of all kinds. After assessing each patient as a whole, our therapists will recommend a course of treatment which may include any or all of the therapies we offer, as well as visits with one or more of the other therapists in our office. The result of this integrative and cooperative care is that the course of treatment is not reliant on one skill or technique but instead will use multiple strategies to target both the pain itself and the source.